Method Studios Presents
11th Annual HollyShorts Film Festival Panel Conference 

Los Angeles 101: What you need to know about Filming and Financing in LA | Sponsored by Film LA in conjunction with Stage 32

Friday, August 14  |  6-9p  |  Event Information

In today's independent and DIY world, the barrier of entry into filmmaking has never been lower. How do you cut through the noise and determine what you need to get your project completed? 

Begging, Borrowing, and Bartering, the Secrets to Producing on a Micro-Budget

Saturday, August 15  |  12-2p  |  Event Information

Discuss a wide ranging experience in everything from digital productions, to guerrilla indie film, to old school independent Hollywood filmmaking, and how to make the seemingly impossible, possible.

Distribution Secrets for Going Outside of the Box Office

Saturday, August 15  |  2-4p |  Event Information

It's an exciting time for filmmakers. Advanced technology has leveled the playing field and has opened up exciting, new distribution opportunities. 

Narrative challenges in the new VR and Spherical Worlds

Saturday, August 15  |  4-6p  |  Event Information

Discussion about how the different storytelling disciplines (writing, directing, pre-production, production, post-production) are affected by new technology.

Breaking Down Doors | Sponsored by Final Draft in conjunction with

Saturday, August 15  |  6-9p  |  Event Information

If a door doesn't open when you knock, it's time to take your career into your own hands and build a door of your own to walk through! 

Continuing Your Creativity Into Feature Films – How to Make a Successful Transition | Sponsored by UCLA Extension

Sunday, August 16  |  12-2p  |  Event Information

The panel discusses creative issues related to transitioning from short films to features, including the story: a new concept or as an expansion of the existing short film. 

Film Funding from the Pros

Sunday, August 16  |  2-4p  |  Event Information

Join a curated panel with an all star cast of film financing experts as they empower you to get your films made.  

Film Festival Directors Dish on what it REALLY takes to Get Your Movie into the Fest

Sunday, August 16  |  4-6p  |  Event Information

This loaded panel will undoubtedly host a large and attentive audience as they explain what it takes to get your movie into a festival.

Seattle Leading the Charge in Digital Media Innovation | Sponsored by Northwest Talent Management 

Sunday, August 16  |  6-9p  |  Event Information

Come hear from the Leaders of Innovation in Seattle’s Creative Economy as they share their insights on the evolution of Digital Media Entertainment in the global economy. 

Music Videos: The Experimental Sandbox | Hosted by LA Music Video Festival + Nancy Fulton Meetups

Monday, August 17  |  6:30-9p  |  Event Information

Listen to panelists discuss their experience directing music videos and how the work has helped them develop a unique perspective in their films and commercial work. 

Forging a Future for Female Filmmakers: How to collaborate, cross promote and build a community | Hosted by Women in Film, Film Fatales, Ms. In the Biz and World Women Film Festival 

Tuesday, August 18  |  6:30-9p  |  Event Information

Learn how to create new opportunities as well as reach outside your own networks to collaborate with other female filmmakers and cross-promote your projects.  

Finding Your Audience: Optimizing for Digital Distribution | Sponsored by DailyMotion

Wednesday, August 19  |  6:30-9p  |  Event Information

There are various free video platforms available to market and distribute your shorts online; so which one should you choose? 

Making Money by Going Direct to Your Audience: 2015 and Beyond | Sponsored by Zype

Thursday, August 20  |  6:30-9p  |  Event Information

Traditional publishing and distribution is changing in big ways with the advent of cord-cutting and ubiquitous access to high quality content on every device.