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Festival logistics- Where am I Going?

  • What are the festival dates?

          August 9-18, 2018


  • What are the Venues for the festival?

        Film Screening: TCL Chinese 6 Theatres -6801 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood CA

Opening Night After party: Cinematic Picture Group- 6801 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, CA

          Film Conference: The Roosevelt Hotel- Academy Room- 7000 Hollywood Blvd

          Awards/Closing Night: Harmony Gold - 7655 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles

Firstly, have you filled out the Filmmaker Response Form?

If not, please do so.

  • Do you have hotel deals?

Yes, The Roosevelt Hotel has a HSFF special discount of $289+ taxes.

Superior Room

300 sq ft, Room with One King Canopy Bed. A desk, hardwood floors, Davines Amenities, in-room safe, fully stocked Mini Bar.

Booking dates 


Click the button to book directly. Calling the hotel directly, may not honor the same discount.


What's the deal with badges?


  • where do i go to pick up my badges?

Pre- Festival - We will email you about days/times/location forpick up

Day of Festival - August 20th: TCL Chinese 6 Theatres- 3rd Level- Will Call Table


As an Awesome Official Selection, you receive the following:

2 Filmmaker Badges Total*  

(1 Badge for Filmmaker & 1 Badge for a Guest) Valid 8/10/2018

1 Ticket to Opening Night

(For Director or Film Representative only) Valid 8/09/2018

(*All guests will need to purchase an Opening Night Ticket)


Badges count for 1 person. IE. 1 Badge = 1 Person (NOT a +1 with your badge)



Grants Access to:

Your actual screening (counts as a ticket)

All film screenings the entire week

All Panels

All Parties (8/10-8/20)

Closing Night Awards/ After-Party

So each Film receives 2 All Access Passes to attend HSFF.

These badges are valid 8/10-8/20 ( not OPENING NIGHT)



No.  HSFF gives 2 Filmmaker Badges per film. If your film has multiple directors, then you willstill receive  2 badges & 2 tickets for Opening Night/your film screening. No additional badges or tickets will be given for guests.  

They may purchase badges/ tickets ahead of time. 



NO. They will need to purchase a badge to attend ALL events with you.

All guests will need to purchase an Opening Night Ticket* (includes access to screening and party), if they are planning to come with you. 

(*the additional badge does not count as a ticket for Opening Night).

If you have additional cast & crew that want to attend everything as well, they will need to purchase badges.


We have discounted All Access Badge/ Discounted Opening Night tickets available



Yes. You are able to share a badge during the course of the festival, so that all members of your team may attend.


what's this about a dcp?

TCL Chinese 6 Theatres requires us to screen on DCP for our festival.

Simple DCP is our sponsor who handles the conversions for us.  

As an Official Selection, they are giving you a 20% discount. 

Simple DCP will deliver the drives for us to TCL Chinese 6 Theatres.

So they will need to receive your USB or Drives in order to Quality Control for us.  You can Mail/ Drop off or Upload to them directly.

Their address below and if you want to upload (preferred method), please see how to do that on the Print Submission Form.


  • What Do I Do?  

This step is vital, so please make sure to do so first.

Please fill out the following:


  • Ok, I did that but I already have a DCP.  What do I do now?

Can you upload your film? If so, send that way- easier and faster for them to process.

If not, Please mail your clearly labeled (Film Name/HSFF)  Drive or USB directly to:


4200 Sepulveda Blvd

Suite 102

Culver City, CA 90230

Please make sure your DCP is Unencrypted

  • Can't I just create one myself? Why do I have to pay?


PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING: Venue in question can reliably play back 24 and 25 fps InterOp and SMPTE DCPs with 5.1 audio. DCPs should adhere to all DCI compliance specifications. DCPs made using Quvis Wraptor will not be accepted. 

Simple DCP will still need to receive the DCP to QC it and send to the theatre on our behalf. So please make sure to upload/deliver to them directly.

  • Are there specific guidelines I should follow?

Simple DCP has some guidelines and you can find them here

If you have any DCP related questions- please email them at:


  • I've tried everything and I can't get it to pass QC and I can't afford to pay for one, what do I do now?

Please see our instructions here for encoding an MP4 QT


  • How do I get my DCP back?

If you need to have your DCP mailed back to you, please fill out the DCP Return Form

and make sure to include a self addressed/stamped envelope with your drive to ensure prompt return.

Without an account number/or self addressed envelope, We will do our best to return them in a timely manner, but DCP's left over 30 days will be returned at our convenience.

 If you have a Fed Ex, UPS, or DHL account that you prefer used, please make sure to note it on the DCP Return Form. 

*Please note: If Simple DCP converts your film for you, they will keep the film on their hard drives and you will need to request a copy from them directly. 

We require a back up copy of your film.

please use the following specs (click)

As a Backup method only, we’d also like a Quicktime file of your film. We will need you deliver a specific type of file for the screening.  Please deliver your trailer (if you have one) as soon as you can so we can start promoting it.  Also, be sure to include the name of your film in the subject line of your emails.

(You must also submit a DCP in order to screen during the festival, we are not accepting any other formats except for DCP to screen during the fest)


On the file, we need your feature to have 3 seconds of black at the head of the program and 3 seconds of black on the tail.  Your trailer does not need these heads and tails.  Also, the file should not have any color bar, count down, or slate in the beginning.  Please make sure your final audio mix is an average of -6db.  And lastly, the files should be labeled correctly with the complete film title in the file name.

Requirements :

File Extension: .mp4

Compression Codec: H.264

Max Bit rate: 32Mbps

Audio: MPEG- MPEG- AAC, Stereo or 5.1, 48khz, 256kbps

Resolution: 1920X1080

Frame Rate: 23.98 or 24 or 25


We strongly encourage using the Adobe Media Encoder's Vimeo present.  Start with the Vimeo 1080p HD preset under Web Video/Vimeo.  Then modify the preset by changing the bitrate to 32Mbs on the Maximum Bitrate (Mbps): slider.

If you would prefer to use free software, we've had great success over the years using MPEG STREAM CLIP to encode to MP4.  See the PDF at the bottom of our deliverables page for step by step encoding instructions.  And please note that, despite the instructions, you can set the bitrate as high as 32Mbps.

Please use the following naming parameters when naming your files, film name_f_ for films, film name_t_ for trailers and  film name_m_ for music videos. Be sure to include the name of your film in the subject line of all emails.


Please email with any technical issues. 

Kevin accepts files over Dropbox. Please make sure to send via this link.


i have a trailer of my film, do you want it?


Sure, please make sure it is a downloadable link

Kevin  accepts files over Dropbox.

 Please upload it HERE


if you are emailing to Kevin- please put the Name of your Film, specify if it is a trailer/or just film link and hollyshorts17 in the subject line.

ie: The One- Film- hollyshorts17



  • I have a Poster too. Do you want that as well?

YES.  Please upload here


where can i find filmmaker related documents? 

You will find all the information you need regarding the festival Here . Laurels, Logos, Social Media Banners and more.  Check back for more additions.  Schedules are not available at the moment.

If you have a reason to screen earlier or later in the week due to travel- please email we will do our best to accommodate but no guarantees that we are able to shift the programming at this point.

do you have any advertising options?

HSFF Letterhead2.jpg

(Purchased) Trailer Placement

∝    Opening Night at TCL Chinese Aug 10th- $500

∝    TCL Chinese August 10th -19th- $600

∝    Lobby Projection trailer/logo placement - $350

We do! (pricing attached here)

If you are interested in purchasing, please email: or

Info below:

Festival Program Ad Listing 

Due 7/21

If you would like to purchase Ad Space in the Program

∝    Full Page Ad - $500

∝    Half Page Ad - $300

∝    Quarter Page Ad - $150


Festival Program AD Specs

CMYK /300 DPI files

EPS / TIFF / JPG or hi-res


NO layered Photoshop files

Full page bleed: 5.5" (w) x 8.5" (h) + 1/4 inch bleed all-around

(images to bleed to 5.75" x 8.75" format; no type beyond 5.125" x 8.125")

Full page non-bleed: 5.125" (w) x 8.125" (h)

Half page: 5.12” (w) x 4” (h)

Quarter page: 2.5" (w) x 4"(h)

what's the deal with award?

award ceremony is saturday, august 19th 8:00pm- Harmony Gold

Awards & Prizes:

HSFF awards prizes from sponsors Panavision, Final Draft, Lightspeed EPS, True Vision Entertainment, and many others! Awards go to over 30+ categories including Best Short Film Grand Prize**, Best Director, Best Animation, Best Doc, Best Cinematography, Best Music Video, Best Commercial, Best VR, etc. Distribution opportunities available for winners via Bitpix, Shorts HD, and Indieflix.

HollyShorts Film Festival is an Academy Awards® Qualifying Festival.  

Categories Awarded*

Best Period Piece

Best Producer

Best Sci Fi

Best Screenplay

Best Short Film Grand Prize**

Best Student

Best Thriller

Best TV Category

Best VFX

Best VR***

Best Web Series

Best Youth

Honorable Mention

Honorable Mention

Jury Selection Award

Screenplay Runner Up

Screenplay Runner Up

Best Action

Best Animation

Best Cinematographer

Best Comedy

Best Commercial

Best Director

Best Diversity

Best Doc

Best Drama

Best Editing

Best Female Director

Best Horror

Best International


Best Music Video

Best Narrative

Best Panavision Future Filmmaker Award


*Categories & prizes subject to change

**Academy Awards®  Qualifying Category

*** New Category This Year