The Humans in Space Art Program and NASA’s International Space Station Program are teaming together to invite college students and early career professionals to take a journey with us. Through the international Humans in Space Art Challenge, we invite you to explore “How will space, science, and technology benefit humanity?” and to express your answer creatively in a video 3 minutes long or less. Video artwork can be of any style, featuring original animation, sketches, music, live action drama, poetry, dance, Rube Goldberg machines, apps, etc.

Due Date

Artwork must be submitted online by Saturday, November 15, 2014 11:59 PM CST (23:59 GMT -6).

Eligibility & Requirements

Individuals or teams of participants should include at least one clear reference to the International Space Station in their videos, address the thematic question, be creative and capture their views in their best quality video product.

Evaluation, Visibility and Awards

An interdisciplinary team of space representatives from amongst the Space Station international partners and art experts will initially evaluate the videos. The final winning videos will be selected by a panel of celebrity judges. The individual or team that creates the first place overall video will be awarded $5000 by the Center for the Advancement of Science in Space (CASIS).  NASA, CASIS, and the Humans in Space Art program will make the highest scoring videos visible worldwide through online, local, and global touring events. The winning artists’ video will also take a trip into orbit on the Space Station, and NASA will provide montages with flown patches for winners.    

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