Cindy Baer's indie feature “Odd Brodsky” screens coast-to-coast in October

Broad Humor Film Festival
“A great Comedy! 
Will be on my Top Ten List for the Year!”
“You will fall in love with the characters and laugh to the end”
The film looks and sounds great, and the acting is truly wonderful"
“A must see for artists and audiences!”
“A marvelous film…  It covered so much territory of women’s hopes, 
aspirations and insecurities in such a charming and hilarious way.”  
“A beauty of a story! It’s so very good!”
-Alvin Sargent, 2 time Academy Award-winning Screenwriter
“I LOVED it!! Very cute and very funny!!”
-Chris Wyatt, Producer of NAPOLEON DYNAMITE
“This film glows. 
It’s the kind of movie experience that hugs you with oodles of heart,
and leaves you thankful that indie films like this continue to be made.”
“This film is funny, silly, quirky and entertaining.
But most of all, this film is us… On some level, we’re all Audrey Brodsky”
ODD BRODSKY (synopsis): 
Audrey Brodsky is a lovable loser who hates her job. After 11 years she finally quits and sets off to pursue her childhood dream of becoming an actress! There’s just one problem: she’s not very good at it. But what she lacks in talent, she makes up for in heart. When she meets an aspiring cameraman on the internet, the adventure of her life finally begins. Inspired by Wes Anderson’s RUSHMORE, the Coen Brothers RAISING ARIZONA and Jean-Peirre Jeunet’s AMELIE’, ODD BRODSKY is a quirky comedy about following your dreams and finding your bliss. 

Director/Producer Cindy Baer’s debut feature PURGATORY HOUSE screened at 25 festivals, won 12 festival awards, appeared on 5 critics lists for “best film of the year” and was distributed by Image Entertainment. Cinematographer Matthew Irving’s 28 feature film credits include the hit romantic comedy WAITRESS (starring Keri Russell and Nathan Fillion) and WAITING (starring Ryan Reynolds, Justin Long and Anna Faris) which have both cracked the “top ten” at the Box Office. Four of his features premiered at Sundance.  Supervising Sound Editor Vickie Sampson’s extensive sound credits include over 150 features, which go back to RETURN OF THE JEDI. Her talent was passed down from her trailblazing mother Kay Rose, who was the first woman to ever win an Academy Award for Sound Editing.