Festival Questions

Dearest Filmmakers,
We here at HollyShorts have a question for you:
Let's say hypothetically that you were accepted into 7 of the 10 festivals you applied to. (Firstly- Congratulations! Hypothetically of course!)
One of those festivals had a stipulation that you had to premiere your film at their festival only and that by screening elsewhere prior to that particular festival, you would no longer be eligible for the festival or "in competition."
What would make you feel it was worth forgoing all the other opportunities (not to mention the numerous submission fees you spent) to screen for this one fest? When you would have 6 other opportunities for your project to be seen?
Let us know you're out there and your thoughts if you get a minute.
You can even Tweet us @hollyshorts or shoot us an email to Nicole@hollyshorts.com if your answer is longer that 140 characters.
Disclaimer:HollyShorts is PRO Filmmakers having the right to screen prior to our festival. We are happy to have your project premiere but it is NOT a requirement.