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HollyShorts Alumni Success  Continues.
Amontillado - A Short Film

HollyShorts Alumni, Ryan Leeder, is working his magic again. This time with his new short film, AMONTILLADO. A film about friendship and revenge. Click on the link below to find out more and even get involved…


HollyShorts Alumni and Winner Michael Le Han Ramps Up Peppercorn Chronicles Feature


Congrats to HollyShorts alumni and 2010 Best Short Film Winner Michael Le Han (“Mrs. Peppercorn’s Magical Reading Room”). His new epic teen fantasy feature “The Peppercorn Chronicles” is headed to big screen and he’s lined up a star-studded cast with Jodelle Ferland, Noah Ringer, and Michael Eklund. More details and Variety link below. 

British filmmaker Mike Le Han (MLH) has attached three high-profile leads for his epic teen indie feature THE PEPPERCORN CHRONICLES, a script loosely based on Le Han and his wife/creative collaborator Helen Le Han’s award-winning fantasy short film Mrs. Peppercorn’s Magical Reading Room. MLH and his UK-based production partners Black Lake LFP have attached Jodelle Ferland (The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, Silent Hill), Noah Ringer (Cowboys & Aliens, The Last Airbender), and Michael Ecklund (The Call) as leads for the project.

MLH co-wrote THE PEPPERCORN CHRONICLES script with Helen and sold the franchise rights in late 2011 to acclaimed UK crime author Martina Cole’s production company Black Lake LFP who will produce alongside MLH and Martina Cole will executive produce. Cole is the author of 19 best-selling novels set in London which include ‘The Ladykiller’, 'The Take’ which was adapted into a television drama series starring Tom Hardy and her latest 'The Life’. MLH and Cole hope THE PEPPERCORN CHRONICLES film can spawn a trilogy.

THE PEPPERCORN CHRONICLES is a teen fantasy story in the vein of Twilight and Harry Potter that follows Eloise a teenage girl who moves to Black Lake with her parents. After meeting Sam Libby the local bakery owner’s son, Eloise discovers dark secrets that slowly reveal she could be the key to saving humanity.