HollyShorts Film Conference Presented by Method Studios Can the Internet make you a better Producer

Can the Internet make you a better Producer?  
The Internet’s influence on the film industry is still relatively new but already has affected how projects are financed, produced and distributed. In each of these cases the Internet threatens or displaces established business practices. What changes should one anticipate next? Those of us practicing our craft over the next several decades need to be keenly aware of the technological environment. An understanding of what’s cutting edge and what’s on the drawing board is a valuable asset.  Jim Fitzgerald, Founder Lightspeed eps will moderate this forward-thinking panel that digs in to discuss how today’s emerging Internet technologies will make you a more effective filmmaker.
Jim Fitzgerald, moderator  - Founder, LightspeedEPS
Bob Alexander – CEO, indiepix
Jason Brubaker – filmmakingstuff.com
Geoff Talbot - CEO President, Genuine Ink Media
Marc Hofstatter - Indiegogo