Saturday, August 17th

11:00 AM

Film Conference at the Roosevelt Hotel

What You Need To Know To Make Your Film Sound Great-Presented by LAPPG

11:30am Show: Romance

We’re Having Sex | Michael Callahan

Tsuyako | Mitsuyo Miyazaki 2011

Amelia | Frank Lucatuorto 2012

Worm | Liam Doyle 2013

Popsicle - Sweeten Your Life | Ross Ching

Three Little Words | Sara Wright

Bruise Hunters | Julian Doan

No Love Song | Joselito Seldera 2013

Distant Places | Tony Nahar 2012

12:00 PM

Film Conference at the Roosevelt Hotel

Producers Guild New Media Council Presents How To Produce a Successful Transmedia Project- The Future of Indie Filmmaking

2:00pm Show: Animated And Family

Bibo | Anton Chistiakov, Mikhail Dmitriev 2012

Umbrellacorn | Stephen P Neary

Cootie Contagion | Joshua Smooha 2012

STARDUST | Mischa Rozema

Timmy Muldoon and the Search for the Shadoweyes Bandit | Tony Yacenda 2012

In the Spring | Kyle Dunlevy

Sebastian | Vlad Marsavin 2013

Estefan | Jeff Call

Spy Fox | Taylor Clutter

Camp Story | David Levy

Alienation | Silvia Carpizo

Ride of Passage | David Crisp

More Than Words | Andrea Giacomini 2012

Five Dollars | Reza Dahya

The Reward | Mikkel Mainz Elkj"r, “Kenneth Ladekj"r

2:00 PM

Film Conference at the Roosevelt Hotel

Tools of the Trade: Demystifying VFX - Presented by Method Studios

4:00 PM

Film Conference at the Roosevelt Hotel

The Digital Players You Must Know

Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel

4:30pm Show:Student Shorts

Bad Thing, Good Thing | Gregorio Sassoli 2013

Magnesium | Sam de Jong

Load | David Rene Christensen

Partisan | Jake Holm

Rain | Henry Boffin 2013

First Match | Olivia Newman

Tell My Story | Rajesh Shinde”

The Giant Story Book Project | Jasmin Siddiqui

6:00 PM

HollyShorts Film Conference Networking Reception

Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel

7:00pm Show: Drama Shorts

The Mrs. | Matt Smukler

The River | Sam Handel

Matilde (Hollyshorts - NociCortinfestival 2013 Winner) | Vito Palmieri

MOONTOWN | Jessica Garrison

GUN | Spencer Gillis 2012

Love and Skin | Virginia Cassavetes

The Heeler | Justin Steele 2013

The Last Session | Tripp Weathers 2012

9:30pm Show: Comedy Shorts

The Guy Who’s F*cking Your Girlfriend | Shane McCarthy 2012

Killing Vivian | Mandy Fabian 2012

Big Shake | Bruno Mourral 2012

The Cyclist | Morgan Krantz

America 101 | Richard Speight, Jr. 2013

THE CALLBACK | Enzo Mileti 2013

Fletcher Drive | Jeremy Foley, David Jedidiah Rose, Robert Dierx, Nick Chandler, Paddy Connor, Zachary Wright

First Impressions | Dave Laden

Players | Jonathan David 2013

No Beers For Bradley | Julian Doan 2013

Couch | Ian Gelfand 2012

First Time Phone Sex | Philip Donohue 2012

OGOU | Bruno Mourral 2012

12:00am Show: Midnight Madness

Christmas Eve Pet Massacre | Daniel Whidden 2013

Dr. Awkward | Daniel Auber

The Silicon Assassin: Dead Reckoning | Edward Plumb


Lynched series: While the Village Sleeps | Chloe Bellande

The Evelist of Sorcerers | Jon Elliott

The Broken Flute | Robbie Johnstone

The Compositor | John Mattiuzzi

Hotels.com Spec Commercial | Ankush Jindal

Goon Holler Guidebook | Will Kindrick

Old Stud | Rick Caplan

Tasty Brains

THE BOOK OF JOE | Mario Pena 2013

Cherokee 2: Trail of Fears | Ben Gibson