Learn about the LAW, Entertainment Law for Short Filmmakers TODAY at 2:30pm


Entertainment Law for short Filmmakers – platforms and models, can’t you do the deals contracts yourself?
In the entertainment world, there’s a temptation to do everything yourself to cut costs, but oftentimes it pays to get the job done properly, which is definitely the case when it comes to entertainment law. Entertainment agreements can be confusing to even attorneys who aren’t familiar with entertainment law, so it’s important to have the proper legal counsel available when dealing with them.
Our panel will help navigate short filmmakers through these tricky waters.
Jonathan Handel – Moderator, Troy Gould Entertainment/Technology
Eric Feig - Eric Feig Entertainment & Media Law, Inc
Cliff Lo - Kalmansohn & Andersen, LLP, Of Counsel / Entertainment Lawyer
Jeff Cohen - Cohen Gardner LLP