Shorts HD Sweepstakes!


This month HollyShorts is teaming up with global shorts channel ShortsHD to promote the ShortsHD Sweepstakes. Prizes include weekly winners and a grand prize and it’s easy to enter: Just go to ShortsHD Facebook page or the ShortsHD website to enter to win!

We would like to encourage film studies students to participate in the Sweepstakes because ShortsHD loves to showcase formidable film academies and student work on the ShortsHD Channel. The Film School Focusshines a spotlight on a specific academy and the work of the film studies program of the University. With the reach and availability ShortsHD provides exposure to the talented coming generation of the film industry.

ShortsHD also provides a range of reel from all over the world, Academy nominees, genre shorts and student shorts all available through DirecTV, At&t, Amazon Instant Video and iTunes.

Thank you for supporting the amazing art of short storytelling! We hope you join us in promoting the ShortsHD Sweepstakes.

Shorts HD: ShortsHD is the global home to short movies, where short stories come to life in stunning high definition. Available across the USA and Europe, the channel brings audiences captivating contemporary short form content from filmmakers across six continents.

Following unprecedented growth in the demand for short films, it is now available to 40 million homes and is successfully entertaining over 11 million subscribers.  ShortsHD is a world-leading short movie media group, designed with movie enthusiasts and experimental ‘lean forward’ viewers in mind.  Combining cutting edge short movies with new spectacular HD technology, audiences of all ages can expand their viewing pleasure from the comforts of their own home, or on the move through mobile devices. ShortsHD obtains only high quality live action, animation, and documentary movies from the world’s most famous film festivals and independent suppliers. Through the acquisition of these movies, the channel offers professional short filmmakers an unparalleled commercial medium to develop their careers.  

ShortsHD is owned and operated by Shorts International Ltd, headquartered in London with its US head office in Los Angeles. Since 2006, Shorts International has produced the OSCAR® Nominated Short Film theatrical release, distributing it to theaters across North America and Europe with its special global media partners. In 2008, Shorts International became one of the earliest iTunes movie partners, bringing hundreds of the world’s best independent shorts to the iTunes audience, years before the iTunes Movie Store launched. The films are now available in 54 countries worldwide.