STRING THEORY follows three singer-songwriters in Los Angeles whose lives collide in a 24 hour period.


“The cracking pavement, has been the wave meant to bring me to your door.”

Aurora, Patsy and Yun, three singer-songwriters struggling amongst the gritty streets of Hollywood, are all strangers unknowingly connected by their love and need for music. String Theory follows them individually until their lives intersect for a brief moment that changes each in a profound way.

“The rhymes I spit like fire, from ashes I will rise.”

At the very core of String Theory lies the music. It’s what Aurora, Patsy and Yun use to cope and get through their daily trials. They don’t write and play music because they want to be rock stars. They do it because it’s their way of dealing with the world around them.

“Soulful…gutteral…visceral…” the music of String Theory is the main character, weaving and guiding the paths of the three protagonists to each other and the next step of their lives.

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