9th Annual HollyShorts Film Festival

'Flowers in December' blooming in March

J.T. Mollner

HollyShorts Alumni Filmmaker J.T. Mollner has been shaped and molded by his cinema-drenched family, love for European filmmaking, and experience in the acting world to create Flowers in December. Mollner gives the viewer the nitty-gritty in his film, yes film, in his short about the rough side to losing a loved one and explores the question: Can there be love after love?

Synopsis: Hannah, a hard living “bad girl” in her mid 50’s, gave up on life years ago when she lost her one true love to uncontrollable circumstances. Now, meandering through her days on auto-pilot, she lives a gritty, yet stable life in a West Texas trailer park with her new husband and 22-year-old daughter, Holly. Even though, on the surface, it seems as though she’s picked up the pieces, a deep obsession with her lost love still consumes her, and she will stop at nothing to reunite with him, even if it means the destruction of her new family, madness, or worse.

How did the Red Carpet Crowd Funding Kickoff Party go?

The event was great. We had a packed house (even had to turn a few folks away unfortunately), raised a decent amount of money to get the campaign started, but most importantly, increased awareness for the project, and the team.

Tell me about ‘Flowers in December’

The feeling of the film is derivative of the “blue-collar dramas” of the 70’s - movies like Five Easy Pieces and Tender Mercies. I plan on presenting an unrelenting, brutally honest, and inherently “dirty" realism rarely seen in films these days.

Shooting on grainy Super 16mm film stock is going to help with that. Yes, you heard me right. I still shoot on film. People think I’m crazy, but to achieve the look I’m going for, there’s really no better way to get it. Also, the smell and sound of film on set raises the bar - the entire cast and crew comes with their A-Game, because they know there’s very little room for error. It enhances work ethic, and those involved take it seriously. Making a picture, even a short, is serious business. Film helps me relay that to the people around me.

What films of yours have screened at HollyShorts?

I played at Hollyshorts two years. One year my film Henry John and the Little Bug was in and the next we had Sugartown and The Red Room. Henry John and Sugartown won a few awards, and now I’ve become a member of the festival jury. I’ve attended the festival five years in a row. It’s hands down the best short film fest I’ve ever attended.

What drew you to the story of 'Flowers in December’?

I wanted to write something intensely romantic. Something that captured the insanity and obsession that we sometimes mistake for "love”. I wanted to do this without sentimentality and the typical love story clichés. It’s really a film about the nature of relationships - partnership out of necessity vs. partnership born from raw attraction, excitement. I also thought it would be interesting to make a mature love story - about two Romeo and Juliet types (or perhaps in this case, Bonnie and Clyde types), and how they’d be if we checked in on them in their 50’s. We’ve seen these archetypes before in films like Drugstore CowboyTrue Romance, and Badlands, but we’ve never seen them at this age. We use these characters ask questions about loyalty, selfishness, extremes. The main character makes choices that some will consider selfish and some will consider noble - I’d like to get that debate started. I don’t necessarily want to be a part of it, but I’d like to get people talking.

How did you get in contact with Dee Wallace and why Dee for the role?

The first feature film that I sold but never got made… it actually got to the casting phase. This was back in 2008. We cast Dee in the film, and even when it fell apart, we stayed very close. Dee’s a dear friend, and I ended up using her very talented daughter, Gabrielle Stone, as the lead in my film “Henry John and the Little bug. I’ve never worked with Dee, but her daughter is the hardest working actress I’ve ever seen. And she’s got such a great presence on the screen. There’s a lot of talent in that family, but on top of that they are just amazing people. We’ve stayed close over the years, and I’ve been itching to take Dee (America’s mom) and dirty her up, show audiences another side of her. Here is this actress with such incredible range that only gets cast as one recurring archetype. I saw this as an opportunity to challenge her a little. When I pitched it to her, she responded well. We’d like to do a feature in the same vein, and if we can make a kick ass short it will increase our chances of that happening.

How did you get started in the film business?

I’ve been a writer since childhood, a cinephile since as young as I can remember. I didn’t get my film education in a classroom; I got it watching the great directors. My Aunt, Deanna Mollner, was Gazzarri dancer in Hollywood in the 70’s - when independent, European style filmmaking was really exploding in the states. She was living with Jack Nicholson back then, and he turned her on to all the great directors. When I was old enough, she began to educate me. We watched the early films of Polanski, Bergman, Fellini, Truffaut… all the great "outlaw filmmakers”. My older brother went to film school and my dad was a working actor when I was young, so they were really into film as well. They got me into Kubrick, Scorsese, Peckinpah, and Altman - all the Americans who were kind of emulating the Europeans and creating a new brand of Hollywood Cinema. I was lucky to have this stuff pushed on me from a young age. I moved out to Hollywood 10 years ago and made a living as an actor for a few years, but I wasn’t satisfied. I hated auditioning, and once on set, I was almost always frustrated watching the Director do what I believed I could have done better. I optioned a screenplay to a major studio that ended up going bankrupt (the film never got made). I made a little money on that and got to thinking about directing. I decided to direct a short. I raised some money and shot on 35mm film. It’s called The Red Room. Looking back on it, there are so many flaws. I was learning as I went… faking it with a full crew. I’m proud of achieving the exact feel and look that I wanted, but I learned a lot of lessons. For better or for worse, that experience changed my life. I caught the bug. I knew that I had found my true passion. Directing is everything to me. I write, but I write so I can direct. Everything is about directing. I’ve spent the 6 years since that first film making a living directing commercials and music videos, and doing some writing for hire on occasion. The goal is to be directing feature films full-time.

Who is your inspiration?

Polanski. It really begins and ends with him. There are a number of directors who inspire me, but if I hadn’t seen Polanski’s Cul-De-Sac, I doubt I’d be a filmmaker. My passion for Cinema grew from a seed planted by Polanski, so I owe that man a lot. Hopefully I can tell him in person one day. Also, my family inspired me. If my parents, brother, and Aunt hadn’t turned me on the greats, if they hadn’t taught me to look at film as art, I wouldn’t have been interested in making movies.

Who did you make this short for?

Film buffs. The curse and blessing of making short is that, even if you get distribution, you don’t have to be concerned with pleasing a broad audience. People who seek out shorts tend to be Cinema Junkies. They have a level of sophistication that allows for a little more creative freedom. I’m still looking to make an accessible film… I think the story is perfect for the short form and it has a nice, very clear, ironic ending. I’d like it to play major festivals all around the world. But my point is, for the 12 minutes it plays; it’s not going to be easy to watch. I want to reach people who will respect the honesty of the film. People who will embrace the non-airbrushed, kind of grimy approach, and follow me into the dark places….

What is your next project/film?

I’m fairly certain this will be the last short film, at least for a long while. My Producing partner, Chris Ivan Cevic, and I are in the casting phase of pre production on our first feature, shooting this summer in New Mexico. It’s called Outlaws and Angels. It’s a Western, but one that's meant to turn the genre upside down. Rosanne Korenberg (Half Nelson,Hard Candy) is our lead Producer on it, so based on her earlier work, it can kind of give you an idea of the feeling the film is going to have. It's definitely going to be provocative. As long as we get the right actor attached, we will be going into pre production almost immediately after production on Flowers in December.  This short is going to be a bit of a tune up for me before the feature.


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Thursday, August 22nd

11:30am Show: Drama Shorts

Short | 120 min.

screens with…

THE ACROBAT | Gerardo Herrero

Worlds We Created | Nicholas Santos 2012

Mila Dear to All | Alex Bulat

The Fears of Young Caroline | Talisha Elger 2012

My Pain Is Worse Than Your Pain | Adam Hall

Momentary | Justin Smith-Shelton

Ms. Belvedere | Michael Reynolds

Side Effects | Traven Rice 2012

Night in a Hotel | Daniel Kontur

Electrodomestico | Erik de Luna 2013

TCL Chinese Theatre

12:00 PM

Film Conference at the Roosevelt Hotel

Panel | 120 min.

screens with…

Next Gen Breakthrough Producers

Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel

2:00pm Show: Period Piece Shorts

Short | 127 min.

screens with…

What’s Left, What’s Lost (Em) | Katie Rose

I’m Right Here | Christopher Soren Kelly

The Lift | Lyndon Barrois

The Trestle At Pope Lick Creek | Vuk Mitrovic 2013

Tinker | Justin Plummer III, “Martin Strauss

The Silent Treatment | Martine Jean

Cantina | Connor Ficcadenti, Jonathan Ficcadenti

Cold Warrior | Emily Greenwood

TCL Chinese Theatre

2:00 PM

Film Conference at the Roosevelt Hotel

Panel | 120 min.

screens with…

Indie Producers 101: Theatrical Vs. VOD

Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel

4:00 PM

Film Conference at the Roosevelt Hotel

Panel | 120 min.

screens with…

What Studios Are Buying Right Now

Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel

4:30pm Show: Short Documentaries

Short | 120 min.

screens with…

The Iverson Mallwalkers | Thomas Rigler

Legal Stranger | Amanda Lucidon

When The Saint’s Go Marching In | Tim Schwartz 2012

LIVE LIFE: Live today like there’s no tomorrow | Jerri Sher

Brainerd | Kyle Gilbertson, "Josiah Bultema

Mr. Twister | Clay Westervelt 2013

An Absolute Right? | Alex Sol

Part Of The Change | Ezra Millstein

TCL Chinese Theatre

6:00 PM

Film Conference at the Roosevelt Hotel

Panel | 120 min.

screens with…

Private Cocktail Networking Reception

Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel

7:00pm Show: Coming of Age

Short | 116 min.

screens with…

Process | Brecht Van’t Hof

A Great Man | Joshua Dawson 2013

Summarnatt | Sakaris Stora

Coca Cola - Happiness in the Air | Hugh Mitton

Jacob Fights Giants | Janele Rayner, Simon Toy 2012

Magnum Mission | Kate Rhamey

A Tribal ‘L’ Community | Tom Dean

On Becoming A Man | Kevin Resnick

The Perils of Growing Up Flat-Chested | Yulin Kuang

Kingswood | Jared Frank

We Were Awesome | Jesse Coane 2013

TCL Chinese Theatre

9:30 PM

Closing Night Awards

Awards Show | 120 min.

Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel

9:30 PM

The Short Films of Matthew Modine

Short | 66 min.

screens with…

WHEN I WAS A BOY | Matthew Modine, Todd Field 1993

SMOKING | Matthew Modine 1995

ECCE PIRATE | Matthew Modine 1996

TO KILL AN AMERICAN | Matthew Modine 2005

I THINK I THOUGHT | Matthew Modine 2007

JESUS WAS A COMMIE | Matthew Modine, Terence Ziegler 2011


Wednesday, August 21st

11:30am Show: International

Short | 124 min.

screens with…

Holden | Roque Madrid, Juan Arcones

For Dorian | Rodrigo Barriuso

Le Passage | Fabien MONTAGNER 2011

King of Teds | Jim Cartwright

Free Kick (LIBRE DIRECTO) | Bernabe Rico

Curfew | Shawn Christensen

TCL Chinese Theatre

12:00 PM

Film Conference at the Roosevelt Hotel

Panel | 120 min.

screens with…

Women In Film Roundtable at HollyShorts

Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel

2:00pm Show: Women Directors Showcase

Short | 112 min.

screens with…

Haven’s Point | Anna Elizabeth James 2012

Brother | Sari Rodrig

EMPYREAN | Sophia Savage

THE CUP READER | Suha Araj 2012

Everything Absolutely | Natalie Paul, Terrence Nance

A Baby Named Pong | Kate Rhamey

Katya & The Scarlet Sails | Vika Evdokimenko

Lois | Alexandra Schepisi

Cuddle | Elle Schneider

Till It Gets Weird | Daria Polatin

TCL Chinese Theatre

2:00 PM

Film Conference at the Roosevelt Hotel

Panel | 120 min.

screens with…

Agents and Managers-What Are They Looking For?

Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel

4:00 PM

Film Conference at the Roosevelt Hotel

Panel | 120 min.

screens with…

Documentary Filmmaking Round Table

Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel

4:30pm Show: Student Shorts

Short | 118 min.

screens with…

Light Mind | Jie Yi 2013

Kidnap Party | Joseph Carnegie

Love Stuffed | Rupert van den Broek

The End of the World | Willem Lee

Volar en línea recta | Douglas Cushnie

GOLDENSTATE | Moshe Sayada 2012

What Remains | William Storr 2013

Genome | Luke Snailham

TCL Chinese Theatre

6:00 PM

Film Conference at the Roosevelt Hotel

Panel | 120 min.

screens with…

HollyShorts Film Conference Networking Reception

Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel

7:00pm Show: Cinematography

Short | 122 min.

screens with…

The Fifth Horseman | Kari Barber 2012

Snow in Paradise | Justine Simei-Barton, Nikki Siulepa

Chicken | Burstein, Jessica Sue

Tyrolean Riviera | Tatiana von Furstenberg

Brightwood | Lautaro Gabriel Gonda 2012

Made Bed | Kevin Oestenstad

My Forest | S"bastien Pins 2012

Karaoke! | Andrew Renzi

TCL Chinese Theatre

9:30pm Show: Web Series

Short | 131 min.

screens with…

Fish Out Of Water: The Wallowing Pool | Ben Barnes

Heather, Thelma, Louise & Dellany | James Parris 2013

Misdirected | Marion Kerr

Fairar Days : The Arm Job | KJ Downes

8.13 | Mando Franco, Mando Franco, Mando Franco, Mando Franco, Mando Franco, Mando Franco, Mando Franco, Mando Franco, Mando Franco, Mando Franco, Mando Franco, Mando Franco 2013

Zombie Family | Joseph Nathan Weisman 2013

Mobsters Episode 7: “Our Boss’s Daughter” | Jeremy Foley

Mike and Andrew Try to Lose Some Weight (Episode 1) | Pedro Castro

Hells Kitty | Nicholas Tana

Minda (Never) Lerns | Steve Acevedo

PrisonPals | Tim Stone

Inside Joke - Michael Che on Gentrification | Brian Neaman


Tuesday, August 20th

11:30am Show

Short | 118 min.

screens with…

Just Sign It | Richard Charney 2013

Soul Mates | Reginald Jackson

Angel | Jessica Kaye

Papa | Bambadjan Bamba

AMATEUR | Ryan Koo

STAKES | B Mason 2013

Erase | Gianluigi Carelli

TCL Chinese Theatre

12:00 PM

Film Conference at the Roosevelt Hotel

Panel | 120 min.

screens with…

HollyShorts Alumni-Where Are They Now?

Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel

2:00pm Show

Short | 113 min.

screens with…

Of Teaching Killer Whales Compassion | Raphe Wolfgang

Goodbye, Simon | Dylan Stern 2013

Whore | Asim Abbasi

The Gift | Lloyd Harvey and Spencer Harvey

Losing Gracie | R. J. Daniel Hanna

Wings | Jose Villalobos 2012

ICE | Anthony Tarsitano 2013

TCL Chinese Theatre

2:00 PM

Film Conference at the Roosevelt Hotel

Panel | 120 min.

screens with…

Shooting in China

Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel

4:00 PM

Film Conference at the Roosevelt Hotel

Panel | 120 min.

screens with…

High Tech Hollywood: Production Software-Presented by LightSPEED

Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel

4:30pm Show: HSFF Alumni Shorts

Short | 118 min.

screens with…

Soylent | Thea Green

With Strangers | JorDan Fuller

Patti and Me, Minus Patti | Brian McAllister 2012

Elias the Ant | Collin Schiffli 2013

Vanishing Act | Joshua Courtade

Dystopia | Josh Mann

Project Tennessee | Peter Vass, Sam Milman

Hope in the Fog | Patrick Cavanaugh, Ryan Daniel Dobson

Heavy | Kim Noonan 2013

TCL Chinese Theatre

6:00 PM

Film Conference at the Roosevelt Hotel

Panel | 120 min.

screens with…

HollyShorts Film Conference Networking Reception

Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel

7:00pm Show: Action Shorts Program

Short | 125 min.

screens with…

The Exit Room | Todd Wiseman Jr. 2013

Epilogue | Dylan Allen 2013

Marshall County | Nathan Brunskill 2013

JIN | Il Cho

Sandbox | Daniel Carberry

The Bash | Tyson FitzGerald

Kill Shelter | Paul Nicoletos 2013

The Forge | Stephen Reedy 2013

Motive | Rick Carmona 2012

Memory Sculptor | Ken Ochiai 2013

TCL Chinese Theatre

9:30pm Show: Comedy Shorts

Short | 133 min.

screens with…

Playdate | David Shane, David Shane 2012

Loveseat | Matthew Richmond 2012

Bad Weather Films | Peter Vass, Sam Milman

The Promise | Sam Molleur

Scent Of A Woman | Lauren Savoy 2012

Heal Thyself | Jeremy Dylan Lanni

The Adventures of Uncle Colt and Cletus in Hedge-Hoggin’ | Nathan ‘Karma’ Cox 2013


Baby, is it Warm in Here? | Jared White

The Arm Reach | Hyung-Gon Lee

Anger Mis Management | Jorge Sanchez

Tug | Josh Solomon 2012

HollyShorts Film Festival Rocks Hollywood


Saturday, August 17th

11:00 AM

Film Conference at the Roosevelt Hotel

What You Need To Know To Make Your Film Sound Great-Presented by LAPPG

11:30am Show: Romance

We’re Having Sex | Michael Callahan

Tsuyako | Mitsuyo Miyazaki 2011

Amelia | Frank Lucatuorto 2012

Worm | Liam Doyle 2013

Popsicle - Sweeten Your Life | Ross Ching

Three Little Words | Sara Wright

Bruise Hunters | Julian Doan

No Love Song | Joselito Seldera 2013

Distant Places | Tony Nahar 2012

12:00 PM

Film Conference at the Roosevelt Hotel

Producers Guild New Media Council Presents How To Produce a Successful Transmedia Project- The Future of Indie Filmmaking

2:00pm Show: Animated And Family

Bibo | Anton Chistiakov, Mikhail Dmitriev 2012

Umbrellacorn | Stephen P Neary

Cootie Contagion | Joshua Smooha 2012

STARDUST | Mischa Rozema

Timmy Muldoon and the Search for the Shadoweyes Bandit | Tony Yacenda 2012

In the Spring | Kyle Dunlevy

Sebastian | Vlad Marsavin 2013

Estefan | Jeff Call

Spy Fox | Taylor Clutter

Camp Story | David Levy

Alienation | Silvia Carpizo

Ride of Passage | David Crisp

More Than Words | Andrea Giacomini 2012

Five Dollars | Reza Dahya

The Reward | Mikkel Mainz Elkj"r, “Kenneth Ladekj"r

2:00 PM

Film Conference at the Roosevelt Hotel

Tools of the Trade: Demystifying VFX - Presented by Method Studios

4:00 PM

Film Conference at the Roosevelt Hotel

The Digital Players You Must Know

Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel

4:30pm Show:Student Shorts

Bad Thing, Good Thing | Gregorio Sassoli 2013

Magnesium | Sam de Jong

Load | David Rene Christensen

Partisan | Jake Holm

Rain | Henry Boffin 2013

First Match | Olivia Newman

Tell My Story | Rajesh Shinde”

The Giant Story Book Project | Jasmin Siddiqui

6:00 PM

HollyShorts Film Conference Networking Reception

Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel

7:00pm Show: Drama Shorts

The Mrs. | Matt Smukler

The River | Sam Handel

Matilde (Hollyshorts - NociCortinfestival 2013 Winner) | Vito Palmieri

MOONTOWN | Jessica Garrison

GUN | Spencer Gillis 2012

Love and Skin | Virginia Cassavetes

The Heeler | Justin Steele 2013

The Last Session | Tripp Weathers 2012

9:30pm Show: Comedy Shorts

The Guy Who’s F*cking Your Girlfriend | Shane McCarthy 2012

Killing Vivian | Mandy Fabian 2012

Big Shake | Bruno Mourral 2012

The Cyclist | Morgan Krantz

America 101 | Richard Speight, Jr. 2013

THE CALLBACK | Enzo Mileti 2013

Fletcher Drive | Jeremy Foley, David Jedidiah Rose, Robert Dierx, Nick Chandler, Paddy Connor, Zachary Wright

First Impressions | Dave Laden

Players | Jonathan David 2013

No Beers For Bradley | Julian Doan 2013

Couch | Ian Gelfand 2012

First Time Phone Sex | Philip Donohue 2012

OGOU | Bruno Mourral 2012

12:00am Show: Midnight Madness

Christmas Eve Pet Massacre | Daniel Whidden 2013

Dr. Awkward | Daniel Auber

The Silicon Assassin: Dead Reckoning | Edward Plumb


Lynched series: While the Village Sleeps | Chloe Bellande

The Evelist of Sorcerers | Jon Elliott

The Broken Flute | Robbie Johnstone

The Compositor | John Mattiuzzi

Hotels.com Spec Commercial | Ankush Jindal

Goon Holler Guidebook | Will Kindrick

Old Stud | Rick Caplan

Tasty Brains

THE BOOK OF JOE | Mario Pena 2013

Cherokee 2: Trail of Fears | Ben Gibson

HollyShorts Fest Jumpstarts With 'Sidekick'

New Guillermo Arriaga, Punisher Shorts to Open HollyShorts Fest (Exclusive)

Interview: "Last I Heard" Director Dave Rodriguez





Hollywood July 16, 2013—For the first time in the festival’s history the HollyShorts Film Festival will open with a feature film. SOLmont Events, the organizers behind HollyShorts announced today that festival alumni David Rodriguez’ star-studded dramedy LAST I HEARD will receive its official Los Angeles premiere as the fests first-ever opening feature film with a special event screening on Thursday August 15, 2013 at the TCL Chinese Theatre.

LAST I HEARD stars Paul Sorvino, Michael Rappaport, Renee Props, Andrea Nittoli, and Lev Gorn. The film notably features the first onscreen pairing of mafia movie legends Sorvino and Chazz Palminteri (The Usual Suspects).

Ranked 3 times as one of MovieMaker Magazine’s top 25 Festival’s Worth the Entry Fee, the 9th annual HollyShorts Film Festival runs August 15-22, 2013 in Hollywood and will feature over 300 short films in competition.  International and local next generation filmmakers will transcend to Hollywood for a week of in-competition screenings, galas, World premieres, panels and networking events.

LAST I HEARD follows veteran actor Paul Sorvino as he gives a rare lead performance in this touching Sopranos-like character study. After serving 20 years in a federal prison, mafia capo Joseph “Mr. Joe” Scoleri (Sorvino) is released for health reasons. As he reconnects with his daughter Rita (Renee Props) and tries to build a relationship with his neighbor Bobby (Michael Rapaport), he realizes life will never be what it once was. Director David Rodriguez (AMERICAN BULLY), filming in his hometown of New York City, expertly captures both the gritty streets of Queens and the pain of a man facing his own mortality. Other recognizable faces include Steven Bauer (RAY DONOVAN), Paul Ben-Victor (THE WIRE) and Hassan Johnson (THE WIRE).

Commented festival co-founder and co-director Theo Dumont: “Our special opening night presentation of David Rodriguez’ s LAST I HEARD is a prime example of how HollyShorts stands apart from any other Shorts Festivals in LA; we’ve seen a lot of fests lately put screening restrictions on filmmakers, telling them when, where and where not to screen and we do the complete opposite, we strive to create fun and imaginative platforms for our filmmakers to network and advance their careers. We look forward to kick-starting our week with this special event.”

Added co-founder and co-director Daniel Sol: “Our goal from day 1 was to create a place where filmmakers can advance their careers to the next level and receive maximum exposure, and that tradition still continues today. We couldn’t be happier to have such a talented filmmaker and superb cast be the first feature film to open HollyShorts. “

HollyShorts 2013 sponsors include: Company 3, Deluxe, Method Studios, Uber, Panavision, Indiegogo, Law Offices of Clifford Lo Entertainment Law, Moviola, FEARnet, Martini Crew Booking, You Me and Charlie, Noci Cortinfestival, Showbiz Software, Lightspeed EPS, LAPPG, New Media Vault, The Roosevelt Hotel, Pop Chips, Final Draft, True Vision Entertainment, Yabazam!, Pretzel Chips, Production Hub, Quick Film Budget, Festival Genius, Indie Pix, ShortsHD, EuroChannel, Jungle Software, Los Angeles Hair Studio.

LAST I HEARD screening tickets, opening night tickets, and HollyShorts all access passes are now available at www.hollyshorts.com.

Tickets for the Feature Presentation:http://bit.ly/149WWWi


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HollyShorts Film Festival is an annual short film festival showcasing the best and brightest short films from around the globe. HollyShorts is devoted to the advancement filmmakers through screenings, Q&A sessions and networking events. The HollyShorts Film festival showcases the top short films produced 30- minutes or less. For more information please visit www.hollyshorts.com.

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