Immersive Storytelling and Short Form Content Panel at 12p TOMORROW


Immersive Storytelling and Short Form Content- Challenges and Successes, presented by Women in Film
Hear from a group of accomplished industry panelists who have launched very successful franchises on different screens: Film, TV and web.  What ties them together other than the “women power” behind them?  Great Shortform storytelling: by addressing the challenges of what to show versus what to leave to the imagination of an audience, they have successfully given their audiences what they want: a world they can be a part of and interact with.
Tamara Krinsky, moderator - Sciren
Jane Fleming – The Quest
Evette Vargas – Dark Prophet
Chase Fein – Dark Prophet
Elaine Hendrix – Sex,Drugs and Rock&Roll (w/Dennis Leary) and The Pet Matchmaker
Jennie Kong - The Resolution, Co-Chair Video Games Committee- BAFTA LA

Join us tonight at 10pm for some Edge of My Seat Thriller Shorts!

HollyShorts Film Festival Presents: 10:00pm: Edge of My Seat-Thrillers I

Julia Louis-Dreyfus joins us on Opening Night

Hermosa Beach resident’s ‘Only in HelLA’ pokes fun of L.A. life, screening at local film festival

HollyShorts Vine/Instagram Contest

TOMORROW is the deadline to submit your creative Vine or Instagram video to WIN TICKETS to #HSFF2014 Just tell us which short you’re looking forward to! RSVP using link

Tony Hale, Sophia Loren, Zach Braff Films Join HollyShorts' Opening Night - TheWrap

Joining us Opening Night Tony Hale, Sophia Loren, and Zach Braff shorts!

#twitterkills Brett Sorem

1%ERS Francesca de Sola

2-Star Jacob Halajian

A Little Broke Nic Novicki

A New Leaf Clinton Cornwell

A Quiet Courage James Card

A Stitch in Time (for $9.99) Mu Sun

After Lydia Nicholas Bradford-Ewart

ALCHEMY Winston Abalos

Alesia-Andrea (Official Music Video) LUCAS POSSON

All Those Delicate Cuts by Das Muerte Phil Mucci

Almost Crimes Diego Vega Jenkins

Alone Together Blake West

Amour (Love) Mark Columbus

And Then Ka?Ramuu Kush

Animal Cookies Matthew Temple (with his Daughters)

Anniversario Jeffrey Dechausse

Another Life Mark Lammerding

Anxious Oswald Greene-Capilano University Canada Marshall Axani

App Alexander Berman

Artful Gambit Sigurd Culhane

As Long As You Watch My Heart Jacob Lundgaard Andersen

Asleep & Awake Joshua Giuliano

ATOMIK Bruno Mourral

Atrium Dave Paige

BAD TIMING Brandon Ravet

Bad Weather Films Peter Vass & Sam Milman

Bagels: The Movie Nick Hoffa

BALD Felipe Torres Urso

BAM Won Kang

Barista Rebekah McKendry

Beep Yvan Iturriaga

Behind The Bush Yoann Luis

Benny Picasso Charlie Alderman

Bernard Le Grand (Bernard The Great) Philippe Lupien

Besties Brooke Lenzi

Billie’s Blues Louis-Jean Gore

Bingo Night Jordan Liebowitz

Bitter Taco Steve Reese

BLACKOUT Alana Waksman

Blood Divideda Family Debate Corey Grant

Blowjob Jeff Vespa

Bound For Greatness Jimmy Gadd

Boxer On The Wilderness Alexandra Boyd

Boyfriend(s) Chris Varonos

Boys Noize ‘Starwin’ Michael Bishop

Break The Bars David Bianchi

Breakdown Brayden Yoder

Breakfast of Champions Ben Slatkin

Brooklyn Farmer Michael Tyburski

Brothers Daniel Rubesam

Bug James Pillion

Building Lines Mike Byrd

Bulimia: The Musical Kristin McCasey

& Marie-Helene Viens

& Allison Bosma

BULLY Robert Weiermair

Bunker Ned Ehrbar

Cafe Rebo (Haiti) Bruno Mourral

Cain-Columbia Zijian Yan

Call Her Lotte Annekathrin Wetzel

Capstone’s Oak Will Phelps

Carolina Parakeet A.J. Briones

Cash for Gold Robert Enriquez

Chase Marc Ruiz

Check Please Geoffrey James

Chocolate Milk Michael Ring and Harvey Guillen

Chula Victoria E. Soberal

Clapping for the Wrong Reasons Hiro Murai

Club Magic Moment Zachary Volker


Crazy Charlie Jejuan R. Guillory

Criminal Denzel Whitaker

Crying Man Brett Allen Smith

CRYSTAL Chell Stephen

Dark Origins Evan Randall Green

David Sedaris’ The Learning Curve Phil McCarty

De Puta Madre

Death by Omelette Greg Emetaz

Decon Luke Snailham

Delicious Ambiguity Justin Canel

Deliver Us-NYFA Laura Elisa Perez

Deserted Sammi Cohen

A Love Story Catherine Black

Destroy The Alpha Gammas Scott Brown

Diego Sara Seligman

Dirty Cues Cesar Gamino

Disabilidates Marques Chaney and Rachel Handler

Disconnected Ludovic Littee

Displaced But Not Defeated Maria Ceballos Paz

Distance Daniel Allan Langa

Dogonauts: Enemy Line Justin Rasch and Shel Rasch

Domino Falling Siavash Farahani

DRAG me: A Urban Music Tale Nikos Kellis

Drudge Kheireddine El-Helou

Duality Trailer Emad Asfoury

Dustland- AFI Jacob Lundgaard Andersen

Each Time Again Kip Kubin

Effed! Renny Maslow

El Tiempo del Agua Shahriar Adham El Kosht

Eleanor Ambos Interiors Andrew Michael Ellis

Electric Indigo Jean-Julien Collette

Elefante Pablo Lacuren

Elvis The Cat Matthew Cardarople

Emily Guy Davies

Emma and I Rock Chang

Escape John Wynn

Ethan & Eli Katrina Albright

EUGENE Catalina Hoyos-Restrepo

EVE Eric Gandois

Exit Hoods ‘Spooky Actions In The Distance’ Ilya Simakov

Face In The Crowd Alex Preger

FAR Brian Crewe

Father & Son Richard Courtney

Fight the Robots Russell Sadeghpour

Find Your Beach Mike Smith Rivera

Firsts ( First Night of the Rest of your Life) & (First Running into the Ex) Andrew Miller & Kevin Ward

Fist Gavin Hignight

Floating Sunflowers Francisco Solorzano

Footprints Bill Plympton

Forerunner Christopher He

Found. Jessie Rabideau

Foureyes Conor Byrne

From 1994 Casey Warren Danielle Krieger

Future Hero Ramin Serry

Ganas Dan Eccles

Garbage Day Matt King

Gasmask Pablo Bonelli

Gentle Men “Letting Go” Matthew Irving EpsteinNoah Sermos Martin

Get Some The Horton Brothers


Ghost of A Smile Peder Thomas Pedersen, Simon Bonde

Gli Zii (UK) Gerard Monaco

Glinda Nicole Cosgrove

Glossolalia Benjamin Disinger

Glow Douglas Jessup

Good Samaritan Jeffrey Reddick

Goutte d?Or Christophe Peladan

GREG - AFI Eric Yang

Grisha trailer Brendan O’Sullivan & Pelin Kirca

GURU Jonathan Kluger & Yassine Azzouz

H A L L U C I N A T I O N Anna Akana

Half Sour Sean McGing & Mary Anne Rothberg

Hands Down John Lawson

Happy Birthday Mr. Zombie David Leclercq

Happy Birthday-USC Richard Heredia-Arriaga

Happy Hour Gretl Claggett

Harmony Logan Kibens

He Took His Skin Off For Me-London Film School Ben Aston

Head Side Up John Byford

Hector: Lost Souls with Switchblades Jeff Compton

HelLA Rory Uphold

Herd In Iceland Lindsay Blatt

Here Comes The Rain Irene C Rodr¡guez

Hiccup Griffin Devine & Alyssa Radmand

Hilton Garden Inn Happy Hour SolMont Presents

His New HANDS Sudhanshu Saria

Hold Up Heart Justin Zsebe

Hollow Jason Salzman

Holloway Heights Alex Petrovitch, Katherine Randolph, John F. Beach & Bill Sebastian

HOME SWEET HOME Matthew Davis Hickney

Hotline Deva Blaisdell-Anderson and Lee Miller

Human Resources: Sick Days Aren’t A Game Jeff Barry

I Can See You Lucy Butler

I Remember You John Michael Kennedy

Alex Petrovitch, Katherine Randolph, John F. Beach & Bill Sebastian

I Swear Beautimus

IF WE TOOK A HOLIDAY Glenn Gaylord, Dennis Hensley & Nadya Ginsburg

Inheritance (UK) Matt Houghton

Inner Demons Ben Caird

Inside The Box David Martin Porras

Interstate Camille Stochitch

Interview Mikkel Okholm

Into The Silent Sea-Chapman Andrej Landin

Invasion of the Money $natcher$ Patrick Murphy

It’s A Thing Sebastian Crank, Sage McCommas & Meredith Morran

It’s About Time Snehal Patel

Jenny & Lalo Janine Salinas Schoenberg

John Varvatos Spot Neil Payne

Jon and Jen are Married. Gregory Fitzsimmons

JONESTOWN David B. Berget

Justlikeabitch (Ireland) Ruaidhri Conroy

KARAGANDA Max Weissberg

Keeping Up with the Joneses (UK) MIchael Pearce

King Eternal Christiano Dias

KOSMODROME Youcef Mahmoudi

Krisha Trey Edward Shults

La Belle Gueule Thierry Sausse

Lady of The Night Attie Albertus & Laurent Boileau

La-Haut (Up There) Bill Barluet

Lambing Season Jeannie Donohoe

Las Cieni Andrzej Cichocki

Last Call Camille Delamarre


Le Gouffre Carl Beauchemin, David Forest

Le Village Marcel Simoneau

LIFE COACH Remonde Francois and Andy Dick

Lifers Joel Salaysay


a Bitch Francois Jaros

London Grammar ‘Hey Now’ Christopher Ullens de Schooten

Looking For Rubbish Tim Stone

Los Olvidado David Feldman

Los Rosales Daniel Ferreira

LOST Xiaoxiao Chen

LOST PINES Britta Lundin

Love and Dating in LA! Alex Russell

Love and Laundry Bryce Morgan

LUCID Kevin K. Shah

Lucky 13th Kirstin Zotovich

Luna Antonio Perez

Machsom Joel Novoa

& Nicole Adam Ward


Man With

Manager Jacob Meszaros

Market Hours Jon Goldman

Mateo Nancy C. Mejia

MATT Seth Shapiro

MEDIATION Francisco Lorite

Minimum Max Joshua Ovalle and Phil Venti

Money Shot Jackie! Zhou

& Thomas Chrétien

& Ronald Quigley

a Movie Camera Ameenah Kaplan

Monsters big and small Alex Grybauskas

MONSTRO! Christopher Romano

Morning Dror Soref

Mouse-X Justin Tagg


2 Black Girlfriends Jenn Page

My Dear Americans Arpita Kumar

Neil and John in THE KEY Sherwin Shilati

Neon Hitch-We Can’t Stop Bryan Yokomi

Ni-Ni Melissa Hickey

No Company Benjamin Morgan

Noel Joe Holt

North Bay Adam Grabarnick

NOVA John Albanis

Numb Ivo Raza O Jogo Pedro Coutinho

Oceans Maria Juranic

Odyssea Morrisa Maltz

ON/OFF Thierry Lorenzi

One Armed Man Tim Guinee

One Please Jesse Burks

One-Minute Time Machine Devon Avery

ONLY ME Carlos Hurtado


- Kaleidoscope

Operation Barn Owl Satsuki Okawa

OstrichLand David McCracken

Out of Love Jon Ryan Sugimoto

Out To Lunch Nic Reader

- official music video Side of Fries

Paradiddle Craig Singer

Parole Officers Adam Ward

Penance Jeff Wolfe

Personal Day Philip Jessen

Petite Columbo ‘Cryonics’ Olivier Mastey

PIN IT Joshua Staman

Playtime-Tisch School of the Arts, Asia Hamad Al-Tourah

Please Hand Stamp Jeff Jenkins

Points of Origin Anya Leta

Poker Donkey Laura & Roger Ranney

Pole-Itics Emilee Wilson

Present Trauma USC Mark D. Manalo

Professional Conduct Becoming of an Elite Spy Matt Wells

Pull Over To Kill Robbie Ikegami


Raging Balls of Steel Justice Michael Mort

Raker Ande Cunningham

Random Stop-UCLA Benjamin Arfmann

Reach - Van Cliburn Foundation Aaron Kodz

Recoil Evan Matthews

Recurring Symptoms Peter Szewczyk

Red Rider Gala Goliani

Reincarnation of Frank Margo Romero

Relics Jennie Allen

Research - A Web Series Adam Hall

Resignation Joshua Caldwell

Resurrection John Wardlaw

Resurrection Slope Tamara Feldman

Retreat Kris Theorin, Kurtis Theorin

Roads End Ben Renschen

Robin’s Egg Blue-USC Gorby Mu Fan Shih

Roland Trevor Cornish

Room 19 Kimberley Browning

Rotation Jenn George

Sad Motivator Nathan Alan Bunker

X Is Back Maxwell Benson


Salvatore William Shermer

Sassi Keshet Never Eats Falafel (Israel) Nimrod Shapira

Satellite Beach Luke Wilson

Sausage Robert Grieves

Security (South Africa) Mark Middlewick

Serpent’s Lullaby Patricia CHICA

Service Jerry Pyle

Sex Pose Man Daniel

Sexy Shopping Antonio Benedetto

Shift Paradigm Ben Andrews

Shifter Diego Hallivis

Shower-Douche Marie-Eve Beaumont

Sic Joshua Hinkson


Snowflake Francesco Roder

J Pico

& Adam Selo


HollyShorts Alumni Official Opening Feature Film DRONES

We're excited to have Seed&Spark and Tugg Inc. Keynoting #HSFF2014 'Crowdfunding to Independence'

Seed&Spark and Tugg To Keynote HollyShorts Film Conference Presented By Method Studios Discussing Crowdfunding To Build Independence
HSFF Film Conference To Feature Speakers From: Warner Bros. TV, Lionsgate, CBS, CAA, General Assembly, PGA Digital, CSA, Route 1 Films, DigitalLA, Voltage, Electus, Women In Film, Shout Factor’s Scream Factory, Fangoria, ShortsHD, UCLA Extension, IndieFlix, Tribeca Film Festival, The Hollywood Reporter, New Filmmakers LA, Evil Slave, Quick Film Budget, Eli Roth’s The Crypt, Final Draft, Full Moon Entertainment, 
Circus Road, Three Point Capital, among others
July 29, 2014 Hollywood—Seed&Spark, the one stop shop where filmmakers can crowdfund, distribute and interact with their audiences is joining forces with Tugg, the platform that gives audiences power to bring movies to local theaters to deliver the keynote address at the upcoming HOLLYSHORTS FILM CONFERENCE Presented By Method Studios discussing Crowdfunding To Build Independence.
The HOLLYSHORTS FILM CONFERENCE takes place on Friday August 15 at 12noon at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood. Emily Best, Founder and CEO of Seed&Spark and Alex Dobrenko from Tugg will headline the session. Seed&Spark and Tugg’s seminar will explore how Crowdfunding has become a fundamental piece of most financing plans for independent film. However, many filmmakers miss the opportunity to turn their film funding campaigns into audience-building opportunities that can last an entire career and provide the groundwork for theatrical distribution that they control.   The session will provide an action plan for Crowdfunding and Distribution, an important element to creating a lasting, flourishing, direct relationships for audiences.
The 10th Annual HollyShorts Film Festival takes place August 14-23, 2014.
Other power HOLLYSHORTS FILM CONFERENCE sessions include THE GOLDEN AGE OF TELEVISION on Saturday August 16 at 2pm moderated by David Rodriguez (American Bully) and featuring Mick Betancourt, Consulting Producer/writer-Chicago PD (NBC), Christopher Mack, VP, Current Programming and Writer/Director Workshops-Warner Bros., Jeanie Mau VP, Current Programming and DGA Director Diversity Program CBS, Ashley Holland, Literary Agent-CAA, Rina Brannen, Literary Agent-Rothman Brecher, Andrea Simon, Literary Manager-Andrea Simon Entertainment, Liz Devine, Co-EP/Writer, CSI (CBS), and Mike McGrale, Fox’s The Following.
On Friday, get ready for A TERRIFYING CALLING CARD: HOW TO BEST USE YOUR HORROR SHORT FOR BUSINESS presented by Shout Factory’s Scream Factory and Fangoria conversation about making the most of your horror short in regards to the business of film. Speakers include: Gavin Hignight –Moderator - Writer, Marketing Manager at FEARnet, Filmmaker Nicholas Tana – (Hollyshorts Alumn), Drew Daywalt, horror features streaming network and Charles Brand, Full Moon Entertainment.
The HOLLYSHORTS FILM CONFERENCE will feature 2 sessions tackling Film Financing. One on Saturday, August 16 at 12noon and the other on at 12noon on Sunday August 17.
Sunday August 17 is also Washington Film Day at HollyShorts and at 4pm attendees can hear from a series of Washington based entertainment companies discussing: WASHINGTON FILM—COME SEE WHAT YOU’RE MISSING (30% Back in Tax Credits in 30 Days).
Also on Sunday at 2:30pm get ready for FILM DIRECTORS REVEAL-WHAT DOES IT REALLY TAKE TO GET YOUR MOVIES INTO THE FEST?  With Alex Ben Block, Moderator – Senior Editor, The Hollywood Reporter, Sharon Badal - Tribecca Film Festival, Director, Shorts Programming, and Larry LaBoe - New Filmmakers LA.
Wednesday August 20 is Digital Day at HollyShorts Presented by General Assembly with sessions that feature the PGA Digital, Digital LA and much more.
HOLLYSHORTS FILM CONFERENCE features 3 engaging sessions including an intimate cocktail reception on each day of the Festival Conference.
Participating and presenting companies include: Warner Bros. TV, Lionsgate, CBS, General Assembly, PGA Digital, CSA, Route 1 Films, DigitalLA, Voltage, Electus, Women In Film, Shout Factor’s Scream Factory, Fangoria, ShortsHD, UCLA Extension, IndieFlix, Tribeca Film Festival, The Hollywood Reporter, New Filmmakers LA, Evil Slave, Quick Film Budget, Final Draft, Full Moon Entertainment,  Circus Road, Three Point Capital, among others
About Emily Best/Seed&Spark
Emily Best founded Seed&Spark to make a contribution to the truly independent community in which she would like to make moving pictures. In 2011, she had the great fortune of producing her first feature with a remarkable group of women. The spirit, the community and the challenges of that project, Like the Water, inspired Seed&Spark. Before producing Like the Water, Emily produced theater, worked as a vision and values strategy consultant for Best Partners, ran restaurants, studied jazz singing at the Taller de Musics, tour guided and cooked in Barcelona, and before that, was a student of Cultural Anthropology and American Studies at Haverford College. Emily was named one of the 2013 Indiewire Influencers, dedicated to 40 people and companies who are asking the big questions about what the independent film industry is today (and why) and, more importantly, what it will become. Emily is touring film and tech festivals around the world, Sundance and SXSWV2V to Sheffield and Galway, to educate filmmakers and learn their best practices in connecting with their audiences to build a sustainable career.
About Alex Dobrenko/Tugg
Alex Dobrenko has been with Tugg since it’s inception in 2011. As Tugg’s second employee, Alex helped develop the Tugg Theatrical model and has been working with promoters, filmmakers and partnering organizations to create theatrical events in theaters across the country. In mid-2012, Alex began to work with Tugg’s top filmmakers on developing Tugg’s Non-Theatrical service in response to promoter inquiries from universities, churches and community centers interested in bringing the films to their non-theatrical venues. Since then, Alex has helped develop the strategy and execution for the Non-theatrical campaigns of films like Honor Flight, Blood Brother, Travis: A Soldier’s Story and more.
Tickets to the HollyShorts Film Conference keynote and all conference access passes are now available for purchase at www.hollyshorts.com.
About HollyShorts
HollyShorts Film Festival is an annual short film festival showcasing the best and brightest short films from around the globe. HollyShorts is devoted to the advancement of filmmakers through screenings, Q&A sessions and networking events. The HollyShorts Film festival showcases the top short films produced 30- minutes or less. For more information please visitwww.hollyshorts.com.
Press Registration Contact
Dumont Marketing Group
Edith Torres


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HollyShorts Announces Star-Studded Jury for 10th Annual Festival - Sound & Picture

Holly Shorts Film Festival

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