Panel Discussions

Immersive Storytelling and Short Form Content Panel at 12p TOMORROW


Immersive Storytelling and Short Form Content- Challenges and Successes, presented by Women in Film
Hear from a group of accomplished industry panelists who have launched very successful franchises on different screens: Film, TV and web.  What ties them together other than the “women power” behind them?  Great Shortform storytelling: by addressing the challenges of what to show versus what to leave to the imagination of an audience, they have successfully given their audiences what they want: a world they can be a part of and interact with.
Tamara Krinsky, moderator - Sciren
Jane Fleming – The Quest
Evette Vargas – Dark Prophet
Chase Fein – Dark Prophet
Elaine Hendrix – Sex,Drugs and Rock&Roll (w/Dennis Leary) and The Pet Matchmaker
Jennie Kong - The Resolution, Co-Chair Video Games Committee- BAFTA LA