Youth Competition

We're calling for submissions for #HSFF2015 ! Which category are you submitting you?


Short Animation 
Animated Short films 40 minutes or less.

Short Live Action 
Live action short films 40 minutes or less. Sub categories include Horror, Action, Drama, Narrative, Director, International, Female Director, Studen… More

Short Documentary 
Documentary short films 40 minutes or less.

Music Video 
Winner in the MUSIC VIDEO category receives $5000 in goods and services from COMPANY 3. MUSIC VIDEO submissions 7 minutes or less.

Webisodes should be between 1 to 15 minutes. One Web series submission can have multiple episodes within 15 minutes.

Best Commercial category winner will receive $5000 in goods and services courtesy of COMPANY 3.

Feature film or short film trailer competition, 3 minutes or less.

3D shorts competition 
3D short films 40 minutes or less. Films submitting for this category must be exhibited in 3D.

Youth Film Competition 
High school or first year college student short film projects 15 minutes or less. Filmmakers must be under 21 years of age to be eligible.